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How to sign up & post to this blog


Leave a reply on this page if you wish to be added as a contributor – we will however need your name and email to send you an invitation in return. In principle (that is, except for editorial error) we will not publish comments on this page so your name should not appear, but you will have to await a moderator emailing you. Please add your affiliation and so on in your comment; it will help the moderator of this blog to keep track of who is interested in posting and why, and to have an alternate email address or contact.

The Blogmaster



  1. dhslater says:

    Thanks Mike–this seems to work quite nicely.

  2. Bernard K. Gordon says:

    Please add me to the list succeeding NBR Japan Forum:

    Bernard K. Gordon
    Prof. Emeritus, Univ of New Hampshire

  3. Lynette Perkins says:

    I would like to be added to the New Japan Forum
    Lynette Perkins
    J to E translation

  4. Scott North says:

    Scott North
    Thanks, Mike, for setting this up.

  5. edithterry says:

    Adjunct professor, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology; managing director, Cotton Tree Productions; former Tokyo bureau chief and East Asian economics correspondent, The Globe and Mail Newspaper

  6. Tanya Clark says:

    leaving comment as instructed –

  7. Roger L. Reinoos says:

    This looks like it may be a good setup. I must say I have not been part of a blog discussion group so it is all new to me, but seems to me easy enough. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

  8. fuleman says:

    Like it. Would be glad to start an “Inose’s comment” thread. Probably riffing off his comment that the Islamic societies have classes. And Japan is a classless society. How do we know? Look around. Inose’s got no class. Aso’s got no class. Ishihara . . .

  9. Ben Self says:

    I would like to “join” this blog. Thanks!

  10. katsu4wp says:

    Hi, thank you for your setup. I’ve been subscribed to the NBR list for months, without contributing but reading a lot. Kindly please send an invitation to . Regards, Yoshikuni KATSU

  11. Ulrike Schaede says:

    Thank you, Mike!

  12. Stephen Evans says:

    Testing this option for the NBR group transfer…Stephen Evans, Tochigi

  13. James R. Rhodes says:

    Thanks, Mike. I’m a Senior Professor of Economics at GRIPS, a policy institute in Tokyo. I also have administrative positions as President Advisor and Director of the Public Policy Program.

  14. Pio d'Emilia says:

    This is Pio d’Emilia/ Long time Italian Journalist living in Japan. Co-founder of JIYUHODOKYOKAI (Free Press Association in Japan) and Head Press Communication of the Nobel for Peace World Summits. Currently Far East Bureau Chief of SKYTG24 (Italian).

  15. dsruggles says:

    This is pretty smooth!!!!


  16. robdahlin says:

    I would like to join this blog.
    CAPT Rob Dahlin, USN

  17. Rodney E. Armstrong says:

    Rodney E. Armstrong

    I have a title! — Researcher (研究員) at the National Museum of Japanese History

    Otherwise: A.B. The Citadel, MALD from The Fletcher School, Certificate in Japanese Language & Area Studies, The Foreign Service Institute.

  18. Jun Okumura says:

    Sign me up, Mike. I want to see how this one works out.

  19. Joel Legendre says:

    Joel Legendre-Koizumi. Journalist broadcaster, Japan correspondent of Groupe RTL France, based since 20 years ago in Asia.

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