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This is a simple blog site set up initially as an alternative to the NBR Japan Forum email discussion list. That list ranged widely over the areas of Japanese domestic politics, international relations, social issues and economics and economic policy. Since NBR (the National Bureau of Asian Research, a small think-tank begun by the University of Washington political scientist Kenneth Pyle with support of Washington Sen. Henry “Scoop” Jackson) came up with funding to maintain the email list, only a couple people post to this blog. If you wish to post, please contact the blog “owner” Mike Smitka, an economist at Washington and Lee University, Lexington Virginia, email

At present Smitka is posting here and then porting posts to an existing Google blogspot site, Japan and Economics (link).



  1. Fred Uleman says:

    Think I will like this better — since I do not like Yahoo — but suggest multiple moderators so discussions can be more real-time.

    • You can now moderate — once you’ve accepted the invitatino. I don’t expect you to, you didn’t volunteer, but now at least one other person can in theory see what I’m doing.

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